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My very first art exhibition!

June 14, 2017

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Alternative Processes: Cyanotype

May 15, 2017


 Lately, I've been really into going to the photo lab and experimenting with alternative processes. In other words, I play. I play without caring about being precise or getting a perfect print, and it's oh so refreshing. It really has become like therapy for me, minus the cost and overall awkwardness of sharing your deepest secrets with someone you don't know. 


With my line of work, there is usually very little room for creative freedom since the client usually wants a clean portrait for versatility in terms of usage. This is all fine because I truly enjoy simplifying the image and making it solely about the subject and the emotion. However, it can get repetitive for me at times, so doing things that break that routine is key for me to keep my sanity and to find ways of expressing myself.


One of the alternative processes I've mostly been working with is the cyanotype, which is basically a literal blue print. One of the popular subjects to use cyanotypes for is foliage, hence my one little flower print above. I never shoot still life or product photography for work, and rarely do it even for personal work, so this felt like an appropriate way to play with that, too, though I only did it once and then went back to portraits because, well, you know.


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